I got an Edge Ad on my Windows 10 Lock Screen


Is there any way to disable this?

The box in the center of the screen, overlaying the picture, said that I should try the “New Edge”.

I don’t want my OS pushing it’s browser on me.

So typical of Microsoft. All this behavior does is make me push back on ever using their browser.

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  1. miamimauler

    I'm sure you can avoid it.

    Can you please provide a screenshot so we know what you're looking at.

  2. Alastair Cooper

    There are several options in the Lock Screen Settings, Windows Spotlight, Picture or Slideshow. I suspect the Edge thing only happens if you are using the first one.

  3. codymesh

    why do people say "my OS" and "it's browser" like somehow software is supposed to behave differently when addressed with different pronouns