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  1. Lewk

    Where's the ad?

  2. harmjr

    I am getting it to on my Windows 10 1709. I have installed my Works Office 2016. I am logged into my pc with a email that is tired to my 4 year subscription of Office 365 University.

    So I would assume MS does not care if they are already getting money from you they are still going to try to sell you.

    Hey maybe its a privacy thing. I bet if they had a feature that checked before putting those ads on someone cry out.

  3. marbo100

    I do not see the ad. But then I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird because I don't like the Mail app.

    I don't particularly like Thunderbird either but I hate it less than I hate Mail.

  4. Alexander Rothacker

    It's Microsofts way of telling you that the mail app is cr#! and you should really switch to Outlook ;)

  5. pderosa

    I hope we see more of this and that it is very aggressive. If it really annoys the right people then something will happen. If we boil the frog then we're doomed.

  6. Bob Nelson

    I've found that a 400 grit silicon carbide sandpaper takes care of ads like that nicely.

    NOTE-Dry sand, not wet! Water will ruin the screen.

    PS-Could be I had a couple of beers for lunch (it's friday, and I'm home!) and that advice might be for something else I was thinking about. But what the hell, give it a shot!

  7. xperiencewindows

    That Mail app is so fisher price esque.

  8. karlinhigh

    Is it smart enough to go away if someone already HAS an Office 365 subscription?

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to karlinhigh:

      As someone with Office 365, I use Outlook or web-based e-mail, never the Mail app. I launched Mail to check, and I don't see this, FWIW. Then again, my settings must be way out of kilter because I clicked on a link in an e-mail, and the link opened in my default browser, Firefox, rather than Edge. Windows 10 Build 17133.1.

    • AnOldAmigaUser

      In reply to karlinhigh:

      In my brief testing, yes.

      On insider build machine, ad does not display whether account has Office 365 account or not.

  9. simmonm

    Remember the good ol' days when they would just put a MSN icon on your desktop? Good times...

  10. Brad Sams

    Well...that's new.

  11. StevenLayton

    I think I’m in the minority here, but I’m not too bothered with MS advertising their own services or their App Store in Windows. Maybe I’ll feel different if I start seeing less related items advertised, like double glazing (!) or second hand cars.