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Hi everyone,

I would love your feedback and comments on my new app, Index Cards for Windows 10. It handles Windows Ink as well as text, and I have designed it to help creatives and others that enjoy the idea of using Index Cards. Many thanks for any and all feedback. Prem

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  1. jimchamplin

    Up front: Please remove the "Rate This Application" and "Tell A Friend" from the sidebar. These have no place in the primary UI of the software, and only serve to cheapen it. Stand above the crowd and present a professional app that doesn't beg for reviews.

    Errors I see: Labels in the main UI are black on the default background. Either disallow bitmap backgrounds and go ahead and transition to a Fluent Design acrylic, or write the logic to render the text to be visible.

    The cards themselves are needlessly skeuomorphic. Make the card look like part of Windows rather than a piece of paper.

    Eliminate the hideous D-pad styled UI element inside the card window - you'd be forced to if you follow the previous suggestion - because it's hideous and redundant considering there are navigation controls in the upper nav bar. This is kinda harsh sounding but it looks like something from 1997. Written in Flash.

    Good idea, honestly, but maybe the app is too limited by the conceptual box you've put it in by using the index card concept. That's only my opinion. My roommate, who is an artist says that your app sounds wonderful, and wishes for an iOS version.

    • indexcards_ink

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      Thanks Jim! good feedback! really appreciate the detail you provided. a fresh pair of eyes is very valuable. Yes, I think fundamentally I have a conceptual box since it is meant to be a virtual transition of a physical entity, but my goal is over time to offer different types of card - and that can also address the idea of not making them skeumorphic.

      fair comment on the D-pad - I will turn that off by default - we wanted to give users using a keyboard a quick way to navigate without going to the top of the screen - I get the sense you say this is redundant. we might get rid of it :)

      Labels - good feedback - didn't catch that.

      I do hope to create an ios and android version, but my goals was to support windows first and get the basics of the app in place.

      many thanks - appreciate your quick and candid feedback!