Is Creator’s Update really for Graphic Designers only?


Is it just me?  When I look at the 10 things Microsoft says they are adding into Redstone 2, it seems only the pinned people stuff is likely to be any use to me.  I’m no creative designer – never was and never will be – so the rest seems marginal to me.  And the vast majority aren’t creative designers either.

Are they saying they are going to turn everyone into a creative designer?  Then wait for the web to be swamped with third rate material I would think, created by people who fancy themselves as a designer but really haven’t a drop of real talent in the area.

Am I missing the point or do I just look forward to general polish improvements in RS2?

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    Well the update is called Creators update ... not Creative update    ..still a stupid name, but the point is that everyone is a creator ... 

    Everyone create something .. that does not require you to be a graphic designer

    you can create a word document, an excel spreadsheet, a game tournament and so on .


    I think their plan is to focus on the perception that with a PC, and with Windows .. you create, you work on it, you do something meaningful.

    On other systems you just consume. (if that is true or not is a different story) 

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    I think mostly what they're saying is they want to sneak behind Apple and eat their lunch, at least in the desktop/laptop space. They were making a pitch in the event today, a pitch that Apple isn't supporting those who work in photo/video/art on desktops and laptops any more, and that Microsoft has their back.

    There will, as others have said, be other things. But this was a marketing pitch yesterday, and needs to be understood as such.

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      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      Yeah but reading the comments on Apple Insider, nobody there is about to buy this. This is aimed more at people who aren't total Mac fanatics.

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        For sure. On the other hand, people are switching to PC for those functions now. Leo on Windows Weekly has pointed out multiple times their video editors are now on Dells rather than Macs Adobe Premiere. I was a music major, and I know a couple of people who've bought Surfaces specifically to use Staffpad, and they were Mac users before. It's not a tidal wave of change, but I do think it's happening.

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        I wouldn't use Apple Insider as a litmus test! I mean, Apple Insiders are, generally speaking, Microsoft haters. They would stand in line and buy a fresh steaming turd if it had an Apple logo on it.

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        In reply to MutualCore:

        Really? Apple insider? Thant site is biased toward Apple.

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        In reply to MutualCore: Well fanatics will not switch of course, but this is aimed for sane people that just want the right tool to do their job and don't care who makes it 


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    Its just a dumb name IMHO

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    This is only one part of the future update. 

    There are going to be more.

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    "Creators" is just the focus of the update. There are going to be a lot more in it. Stuff like Night Mode, Continuity between phone/PC, Edge improvements and other things. It's going to be a huge update.

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    There doesn't appear to be a lot coming for the normal everyday user. Mind you, W10 is a solid OS for those users as it is. I'm sure MS will clean a few things up but nothing major appears to be coming. It's only early though and a lot can happen in around five months. Given that hundreds of millions of desktop users stayed with W7 I imagine MS may play with the start menu a little.

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    That was the part of the update that MS was promoting. They were pushing the Surface Studio with the new creative features of the Windows update.