Is it Pro or not?


I’ve goa a laptop that came with Windows 8 (non-pro). Back then I bought a Windows 8 pro key and used it to upgrade the laptop to pro.

Flash forward to now. I was in the Windows 10 Insider fast ring running the Pro version on this same laptop. I just got tired of being an Iinsider, so I did a clean install of v1607 on the laptop. During the install I was not asked for a product key. Post install I found that it had installed Windows 10 home. Apparently it looked in the BIOS and saw my old non-pro product key and just assumed that was the right thing to do. Ok, fine.

So, I used Change Product Key in the System control panel to enter my old pro product key. Once I did that, Windows 10 immediately informed me it was upgrading my system to pro and went through a 5-10 minute install, after which the system now reported it was the pro version. All well and good, right?

Except that I’ve discovered certain pro features are missing (e.g. the Users and Groups snapin in mmc). When I try to install it, mmc tells me I can’t because it is not supported under my edition of WIndows. What the what? The system control panel reports I am running pro, but mmc thinks I am not.

Ideas on how to fix this?

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