Is Paint 3D so bad?


Hey everyone. Yesterday as I was reading an extremely long thread on Reddit about the Windows April 2018 update, there was also a sub-discussion about the warning you now get when you run Paint about it eventually moving to the store.

So naturally, this sparked a debate, with some people claiming that it *should* be removed because it’s so old and Paint 3D is better, while others claim it does no harm to stay because it’s still a great, fast tool to use when you want to do really simple graphical operations on an image or photo (like cropping).

So this caused me to fire up Paint 3D and play with it a bit, and I started thinking that, okay, maybe this isn’t so bad, that I could more than likely get used to it. Yes, it’s “app-ified,” if there is such a word, and it does more than what a lot of people need with the inclusion of these goofy 3D features, but can’t those just be ignored?

I also think the old version of Paint should not go away completely for people that still want to use it, hence it moving to the store. But what do you guys think? Is this just a case of us not wanting to get rid of old habits?

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