Issues with Win 10 Update KB3194496


New update for Win 10 – KB3194496 – seems to have screwed the pooch.  Many complaints about the update getting to 100% done then rolling back.  Had this experience personally on two different machines.  Let’s go MS….

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    MacNala - 3 months ago

    I have solved the problem. I downloaded the latest ISO to DVD and installed it over the existing one making sure I selected upgrade keep all files and apps. There n]may be some apps that get left behind but not in mycase I had downloads of all the installed programs if I had needed to re-install them. I also had a full image backup using drive snapshot.


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    MacNala - 3 months ago

    Me too! I have had it on a VirtualBox VM and it rolled backk the whole update and also on a laptop where it said it was just removing the changes. Funnt thing though on my other Vbx  VM machines it worked fine. I wonder if it is caused by a lack of resources, memory or disk space? Looking forward to the next cumulative disaster. What does this do to the "you cannot stop the updates" policy??