Kicked out of Windows Insider Program – Bug?


I’ve been enrolled in the Windows Insider Program all summer, running the Beta Channel build of Windows 11 in a virtual machine on my main desktop. I threw caution to the wind a week ago and enrolled my laptop into the Beta Channel. I like Windows 11 well enough over 10 and for me it was very stable and useable.

After the latest 184 build released this week, I noticed this morning I’ve been unenrolled from the Insider’s Program. I had flipped the “get me out when the product is complete” switch. I’m wondering if the unenrollment is a bug or if it’s a sign that the 184 build is the final one. When I go into Windows Update and look at the details, I’m still shown as being on an Insider’s Build.

Anyone else noticed this?

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  1. lindhartsen

    Just checked on my Beta SL4 and - yeah, I'm out as well. Guess keep an eye out for the next build release this week and see if they mention something about this.

  2. winner

    Probably a blessing.

  3. navarac

    I question how much notice Microsoft takes of Insiders' feedback. Since Gabe Aul left, it has deteriorated to, first, a "fashion show", and then a "silent running" experience, dominated by people unable to communicate. Therefore their listening capability must be suspect.

  4. Daishi

    What are the specs for the system?

    They have started booting machines that don’t meet the requirements for Windows 11 off the preview.

    • sentinel6671

      The virtual machine is running on a homebrew desktop, which uses an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X with 32 gigs of RAM. My TPM 2.0 is enabled. The laptop is a two year old Asus, with a Core i7-9750H and 16 gigs of RAM.

      I would have thought both would have made the cut.

  5. cwagz

    same here

  6. lindhartsen

    Looks like today's build hit my machine that was pushed out of Insider so I guess we're on the "next major release" at this point? Unless you want to hop back in I guess update as normal and treat the machine as a regular, non-Insider device.