Latest Windows 10 update fixes one action centre bug, but causes another


There’s been a bug in action centre for a while where sometimes when you opened it, it would start to pop in from the left side of the screen, before suddenly appearing on the right, where it’s supposed to be.

Today’s patch fixed that. Yay!

Except today’s patch also broke the transparency effect when opening action centre: –

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Why do they keep putting out sloppy code like this? How can they look at this and think “yeah, that’ll do”, or do they somehow not notice these things?

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  1. Mike Cramer

    Given the virtually infinite combination of hardware and software across all PC's, it's quite possible that the bugs affected very few users. I certainly never experienced them. Even with millions of Insiders hammering at each build, it's extremely unlikely that all bugs will be spotted. The showstopper bugs that affect many users will (usually) be fixed before public release, but a bug that affects 100 users with a particular graphics card and a particular driver and a particular motherboard with a particular chipset will not.

    • DJS

      In reply to Donkey_Gas:

      You might have a point if this didn't also affect Microsoft's Surface products - hardware they DO have total control over - and if lots of people didn't start complaining about this on Reddit right after the update was released.

  2. jimchamplin

    The real issue is with the feedback mechanism. People COULD be talking about it, but since Microsoft went with a social-style “popularity contest” of a method, it ended up a shitstorm. Unless it gets enough upvotes, there’s no attention given.

  3. epguy40

    I'm kinda late in responding to this but does this little problem occur with version 1809, 1803 or whichever version?

    I guess I'll assume it was 1809 and the update released on 3/1 was KB4482887.

  4. codymesh

    small visual glitch but not a dealbreaker imo

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to codymesh:

      No, this is sloppy coding, but this is how Microsoft work these days. You'd have thought, when working on that bug, the engineer would have verified it was fixed, but how much effort would it have taken to notice the new transparency bug and fix that too? But no, to hit deadlines, MS let things like this slip, probably make a note, then flag it for a fix at the next patch or feature upgrade. This is the 'fix it later mentality of delivering an OS 'as a service'.

  5. lindhartsen

    There's probably a mix of reasons why stuff like this gets out the door. Think about the happenstance that fluent has appeared in the UI across the base OS, let along their own apps. Implementations take time and they commonly do them half way then revisit them some time in the future if the bugs aren't glaringly obvious. There's also plain quirks. I've had issues where the emoji picker will no longer appear when you press the keyboard shortcut with no way to resolve it except a reboot. This has persisted through two seasonal updates and it appears they might be fixing it in 19H1. This is just the way things are now since it seems "we can fix it later" is treated as normal operations.