Maybe a Problem


I run Windows 10 Insider builds in a VM, and VM performance ain’t great on my home PC. That may explain this.

I have 4 accounts on my login screen. My usual account, tied to my MSFT account, and admin account, and two testing accounts which I only use to test odd UI combinations (and one of them doesn’t have a password). My usual account is configured to show a solid color background when that account is selected. Different pictures are shown as the background when other accounts are selected. Upon booting, one of my test accounts appears at the top of the list and its picture appears as the background.

Yesterday, when I booted that VM, I somehow selected my usual account in such a way that the background image didn’t change.

That’s what I’m wondering could be a problem. I’d expect account sign-on to be among the most robust parts of an OS. If the background image change could be stymied, could other things related to login authentication be?

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