Meanwhile outside the Microsoft cafeteria…


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  1. TheJoeFin

    Someone posted a photo on reddit or maybe twitter of this same message on paper coffee cups at Microsoft. Sounds like they have been putting customer feedback around the campus. I wonder how employees feel about it.

  2. Patrick3D

    As a Systems Administrator I love that I get paid to stare at progress bars. The slower the better. Sadly, gone are the days of day-and-a-half Windows 7 installs, Windows 10 takes less than an hour from scratch.

  3. Tony Barrett

    I'm not sure about the first line (does *anyone* love MS???), but the last part is correct. Many would probably say something a little more terse as well, and there'd be no smiley face!

  4. Nic

    I believe Office is worse. Every time I open it I seem to see the box at the top bitching that there are updates but that it needs to close some office apps before applying. VSCode is no better.

  5. Bob Shutts

    Great! I have had no update issues in Windows 10. It is very polite and asks me when I would like to update. Did not tinker with update settings, so the default just works for me.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to Bob_Shutts:

      Then, Bob_Shutts, you are one lucky individual. Win10 updates are just a nightmare, and often it seems like the PC is updating more than being used. The bi-annual 'feature' updates are also a pot-luck 'will it work or trash the machine' type upgrades too. I've seen a few machine trashed to the point of requiring re-installation. MS need the give the user back control, and not think they know best all the time.

      • evox81

        In reply to ghostrider:

        I can comfortably say that you're in the fringe minority of people who suggest they somehow had better experiences with WIndows Update on older versions of Windows.

  6. Paul Thurrott

    That is amazing.

  7. Lauren Glenn

    Never had this problem on Windows 10 like I did in 7. I still remember that we imaged PCs and we had to reimage them after a while because it wanted to install 153 or so updates that took a long time after our old image. Although when I got the GPD Pocket, it took 6 hours to install 1709 because they didn't have good drivers installed in the device from the factory. So, if you buy that device, update the drivers FIRST and then do the Windows 1709 or 1803 update.

  8. Minke

    Why is it that we all put up with abysmal customer service from organizations big and small? Just the other day I spent forever chatting with a nice cs person at Microsoft trying to solve what seems like a small problem. I have a phone number associated with my MS account for security reasons, but the account interface says I do not. Still, I receive periodic security notices at the phone number so I know it is working. I also have a partial email address associated with that account that isn't correct and seems to block me from using a legitimate email address that is similar. This has been going on for more than a year, but seems impossible to fix. These started when my Premium setup failed in mysterious ways, as did my cancelling of that feature. Many hours spent trying to troubleshoot and fix. Minor annoyances, but why are they impossible to fix?