Microsoft announces Windows 10 will …


If you had one “headline wish” which would come true what would it be for Windows 10?

Mine would be: “Microsoft announces Windows 10 will be receiving a native iMessage app”

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    ... will no longer display advertising anywhere in the OS.

    • Lordbaal

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      What advertising?

      I've never once, in years, have seen any advertising.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      As long as enterprise customers can expunge ads via group policy or standard images with ads already removed, this is mostly an issue for SMBs and noncommercial users. It may depend on how much MSFT makes from these ads, though if pennies per PC, it's probably a money-loser in terms of destroying user good will.

      However back to enterprise customers. As long as they don't care, MSFT also doesn't care.

  2. justme

    ...allow users to select a 'minimum install' so that they might tailor their individual configurations more easily

  3. lwetzel


    I'm with you. That is the only Apple envy I have.

  4. anderb

    ... start charging users an annual subscription fee

  5. Thom77

    ... will allow delaying all downloading of updates, installing of updates, searching for updates, thinking about updates, updating the updates .... at any time, for any reason, for any duration ... until death do you part.

  6. martinusv2

    drop the windows kernel and use linux, you will still be using win32 app in vm containers.

    • wright_is

      In reply to MartinusV2:

      Why? The Linux Kernel isn't any more efficient than the Windows Kernel. Both are monolithic kernels and both have very big problems. Swapping one set of problems for another won't help the situation, in fact it will set things back as they fight a whole new bunch of problems.

      If you are going to replace the Kernel, then replace it for something modern and managed, like Midori was supposed to be.

  7. waethorn

    Courier anyone?

  8. reefer

    Hire some decent Ux-designers that actually knows what they are doing. The default Windows 10 desktop user experience are simply terrible, its all over the place and its only confusing for the majority of users. I have witnessed that first hand over and over again.

    • VancouverNinja

      In reply to reefer:

      Tried using OSX or Chrome OS lately? Windows 10 is so much better designed; comments like yours are mind boggling.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to reefer:

      If you mean various parts of Windows itself, such as Control Panel still existing, it may be a matter of Windows providing backwards compatibility, which has been considered a strength. For example, 5-year-old or older configuration applets for old peripherals aren't going to change. Maybe there could be some way for Windows 10 to connect them directly into Settings, but they'd still look like Windows 7 era software when they're running.

      If you mean application software looks different depending on which half-decade it came from, is that MSFT's fault? More to the point, is it anything MSFT could change?

  9. justme

    ...revert to the Windows 7/8.x method used for Windows Update

    • wright_is

      In reply to JustMe:

      Hell no, Windows 7 update causes so many problems! I'm glad to see the back of it. I've had to "repair" the updates on 5 Windows 7 machines this year and no Windows 10 machines (hastily touches wood).

      • justme

        In reply to wright_is:

        Lol - I do understand what you mean, as I have had to do the same at times. I suppose what I really want is the ability to control my own "update destiny". I would like the ability to choose which updates I do and do not install, and not have them (eventually) forced on me.

  10. justme

    ...will do all the things Paul mentioned. :)

  11. Tony Barrett

    ...will be scrapped due to Microsoft having used up the worlds supply of storage for telemetry collection. No telemetry, no Windows 10.

  12. madthinus

    allow you to set a download time and limit for updates and a time to install them.

  13. crp0908

    Microsoft announces Windows 10 will drop WaaS and end the enterprise servicing nightmare. No more fragmentation of Windows versions! No more supporting 5+ different versions of Windows 10 at the same time.

    "Windows 11 - the return to stability and sanity."

  14. waethorn

    " discontinued."

  15. Paul Thurrott

    ... will no longer ship to customers before it's fully tested.

  16. Paul Thurrott

    ... will no longer be updated twice per year with major version upgrades.

  17. Paul Thurrott

    ... will let you opt completely out of telemetry.

  18. Paul Thurrott

    ... will drop the Insider program and switch to something engineering-focused rather than marketing focused.

  19. olditpro2000

    Paul hit on all of the big ones already. Fixing display scaling would be nice. Microsoft simply finishing the job would be nice also (fully migrate from Control Panel to Settings app, etc.).

    • wright_is

      In reply to OldITPro2000:

      +1 for settings. I've lost count of the times that, as administrator, the settings app tells me I don't have sufficient rights to view settings, let alone change them, and I have to open the old control panel and do the changes there instead.

  20. jimchamplin

    ... have an improved, more consistent theme design, icons, and typography throughout the entire OS.

  21. Lordbaal

    Will bring back Windows phone.

  22. codymesh

    This might be an obvious one but I really hope they take some serious time to hamonize the interface(s) from the various eras. Right now Windows 10 really feels like i'm using 4 different OSes - the 9x era, the XP era, the Windows 7 era, and the present day.

  23. StevenLayton

    will stop teasing us and hurry up and ship that Surface Phone....

  24. Patrick3D

    "Microsoft announces end to bi-annual 'Feature Updates', will only release updates in response to Feedback Hub submissions with goal to clear out entire backlog of requested fixes."