Microsoft remove option to create local Windows account


So apparently when setting up Windows 10 the option to create a local account is no longer available if an internet connection has been detected. You have to physically disconnect from the internet if you do not want a Microsoft account. Awesome.

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  1. wright_is

    What version of Windows 10 are you using?

    We set up several new PCs a week at the moment with 1903 Pro and we set up a local account on all of them (network attached), which we then immediately delete, once it is in the domain.

  2. navarac

    It's well hidden/not obvious to persuade you to use a MS account if I remember rightly.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    So... I've heard this reported but have never seen it. I always get the (well hidden) local account option.

  4. anoldamigauser

    I just walked my daughter through the process, and she was connected the entire time. They are just further obfuscating it.

    When setting up the first account, after indicating that you do not have the email address, you will be presented with a choice of options, and the one you want is "Offline Account". I always have them set up a local admin account to which they know the password, and then have them add their own accounts as non-admin, local accounts, which is much easier and lets them get a better home directory name. They can then switch to their MSA and add their school accounts as well.

  5. Lordbaal

    It is not hidden.

  6. madthinus

    It was more hidden in 1809 than it is in 1903.

  7. Anlong08

    Try setting up windows WITHOUT connecting to the interwebs when it prompts you to early in the process.

  8. Belralph

    Just ran into this at work. If you are installing on a machine that has Pro associated with it, you get the option for join a domain instead even if you are connected to the internet. If the machine is associated with Home which can not join a domain, it will not give you any way to continue with a local account unless the install is done without internet connectivity.

    I'm using the same 1903 usb key that I've had since the release so I guess Microsoft is pushing out a modified install process during the install as it didn't do this before. I have the luxury of working around this since I have Pro on everything but I hope this isn't a precursor to it being mandatory on 1909 installs.

    This reeks of the early days of Windows 8 when you couldn't do anything without a MS account, not even update to 8.1 via the store. I made up dozens of throw away MSA accounts. I want to go back to paying for Windows, so it can be mine to use as I want and not Microsoft's.

  9. jmwoods301

    Actually, it may not even be a "thing".

    From Ghacks...

    "We installed Home and Pro editions of Windows 10 version 1909 multiple times and the offline account option was presented to us each time. It is quite possible that Microsoft is A-B testing the chance or that the change affects only some regions and not others."