Microsoft Support for older Processors


I read today from PCWorld, Microsoft is cutting support for certain Clover Trail processors, that are in the “End of Interactive Support” phase. Microsoft may potentially cut support for other processors in the future, that fall in this category.

Here is my question, I have a gaming computer with an Intel I7-3770 with a GTX 1060. It is a pretty decent gaming computer and plays all the games, like Fallout 4.

Is this all just “Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt”, or could Microsoft seriously cut support for older processors. Even Intel’s I7 and i5 processors, that are only a few years old?

Cutting off support for Intel processors only a few years old, would create enormous problems and chaos. It would be an unthinkable move for Microsoft, and also frankly senseless.

Here is a link to the PCWorld Article:

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