Microsoft’s OS Nightmare.


I think Microsoft is suffering from an OS nightmare. After failing with the one OS on every surface ( not the brand ) concept with windows 10 and windows 10 mobile, The basic idea of that concept is still left in windows 10 as a bad memory. So Microsoft has still not yet figured out a way to move forward with windows 10. The whole thing with windows 10 tablet mode has also failed because of the applications not being Optimised for tablet mode. Even the Microsoft store does not seem to have a great future. So the Only thing that still makes windows 10 good is that it looks modern ( somewhat ) and the desktop mode works (which is similar to windows 7).

So from a customers perspective, windows 7 and windows 10 is the same thing except in looks.

And after the death of windows 10 mobile, Microsoft started adopting android as a preferred platform because apple will not open up IOS to anyone. But the apps and new features that Microsoft puts out all seem to be focused somewhat on IOS and macOS.


The latest new outlook app on macOS which will not be coming to windows 10.

New features in outlook apps coming first to IOS not on android.

I think Microsoft will start feeling the heat when the whole lot of windows 7 users switch to chromebooks or macs.

Is it fair to say Microsoft might not have any presence in the consumer market?

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