Microsoft’s Windows 10 ISO / Media Creation Tool Webpage down for an FCU update?


Microsoft Windows 10 ISO / Media Creation Tool Page is currently down for what looks like a page update to add Windows 10 Creators Fall 16299.15 RTM to the Media Creation Tool.

Remember too folks, oddly, the easiest way to download the actual ISO is using a Mac or Linux, because you are then given the direct option of bypassing the crappy Media Creation Tool to download the ISO, i.e. Firefox etc allows resumes, if you lose connection.

Who’d have thought using Linux or Mac would be easier ;). Linux based tools have been my go to tools, to image Windows for years. I would have given up on Windows long ago without the ability to image the whole system with tools like the linux based version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager.

Looking forward to as ever, using the slow painful ‘clunky bag of nails’ Windows Update. Nothing changes.

So used to Microsoft filling the Update History with failed updates due to lack of disk space (SSD) or just the user shutting down the PC at the wrong time, as a security update (not a feature update) is installed, or just removing the Update History completely. MS could learn a lot from the way Linux applies its updates, especially regards the time it takes on Windows.

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