Missing OneDrive Files On-Demand UI


With the arrival of 16299 I decided it was time to reset my PC. It has been over a year of Insider builds and there was enough wonkiness that it seemed like a good idea. But now OneDrive Files On-Demand is missing. The option to enable does not appear on the Settings tab. Perhaps there’s a registry entry that needs to be enabled and won’t be until 1709 is “officially” released.

But in the meantime, does anyone know how to re-enable?

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  1. MattHewitt

    Same here. :(

  2. jmeiii75

    Good to see I'm not alone.

  3. timothyhuber

    Solved the problem! When I went to look at the Microsoft web page about mobile Edge, the page indicated I didn't appear to running the latest Insider Preview build.

    I went into Settings > Windows Insider Program and needed to re-enable access to the Insider program. Once I did this, I restarted the computer and, lo and behold, the Files On-Demand options was back.

  4. Lauren Glenn

    I would do this BUT I was running into a problem with iTunes Store on the insider builds ever since I joined the slow ring. The store would never connect securely. It would download episodes I bought off another PC just fine but I couldn't browse the store. Then, they released RS3_Release 16299.15 and once that installed, the iTunes Store started working again.

    I'd rather lose the On Demand option than to lose that store again. I use that to buy my TV shows to store on my home computer instead of paying for cable.

    They'll probably release an update for it in the next few weeks, I bet.

  5. Riki Smith

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  6. bgoodbody

    I too had to enable Windows Insider, although I only chose the minimal option "Release Preview", and then it worked. So I now stay on 16299.19 and have the Files On-Demand

  7. msedkowski

    I had the same issue, it appears the Fall Creators Update ships with an older version of Onedrive (17.3.6998.0830) that does not support files on demand out of the box.

    To fix this, you need to download a never build of Onedrive (17.3.7064.1005) from the Microsoft website install it, reboot and files on demand toggle will magically appear.

    • unfalln

      In reply to msedkowski:

      I updated all my PCs as soon as I heard about the FCU being released. This feature was the reason why. When I couldn't find how to enable it with only this forum post to direct me... *sigh*.

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to msedkowski:

      Really? I installed using the link from the Update.XML file in the OneDrive application folder. It automatically killed the current running session and started it up again without my doing anything. I got the prompt right after that. No reboot.