Missing Start Menu Icons


I installed the last update I was offered and many of the start menu icons are blank. I updated the apps in the store – no change.

did I break something and there is a fix?

I am on the normal ring – not an insider

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  1. simard57

    I tried pasting a link to a picture on OneDrive -- it did not work - how am I supposed to do that

  2. jumpingjackflash5

    As we all know windows update is brouhaha thing. You can try to dance in front of your computer and remember times when Windows was a great OS.

  3. simard57

    I uninstalled the update and my start menu was restored. I then reinstalled it and the icons were again messed up.

    so I uninstalled it again - I will hold out upgrading. ironic because I thought this upgrade was more "fit and finish" and it is not finished and giving me fits.

  4. simard57

    I installed the update on a SP3 I have and it worked fine. just not on my HP!