MKV Length field in Windows Explorer missing after update to Windows version 1703


My laptop just installed version 1703 yesterday, and today, I noticed that I no longer have values in the Length field for MKV files in Windows Explorer (I know I did 2 days ago, before the update). Is this some regression in 1703 or did a setting get reset that I don’t remember setting the first time?

Anyone else seeing this?



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  1. Patrick3D

    I checked a computer at home that has 1703 and see Length info on some but not all MKV files. When I compared them in VLC, the movies without info have DTS encoded audio, whereas the movies with length info have AC3 audio tracks. I also noticed that the native Movies & TV app will immediately throw an error when trying to open the movies with DTS audio but opens the files with AC3 audio without issue. There may be some correlation that Windows 10 won't bother trying to read the metadata if it has an unsupported codec. I thought the Movies & TV app used to at least play the video of the file without sound when the codec wasn't supported. Definitely seems like something is broken.

    • Andy Lyles

      In reply to Patrick3D:

      Thanks for looking. Good that is not just me, I guess.

      I have my server that is still on 1607, and ALL MKV files show a length and some play in the Movies and TV app. When I copy them to my laptop on 1703, none show length and none play in Movies and TV app, so at the very least, they have some codec degradation in 1703.

      Oh well, just another thing to make me look at moving away from Windows, not that any alternative is better.

      Edit: Found a 3rd party program that takes care of the issue.