Monitor issues after Anniversary Update


I was wondering if anyone was noticing a bug with multi monitor setups after the Anniversary update.  I have a 2 monitor setup using DVI and extend my desktop across them.  Since the Anniversary update my monitors have, individually, stopped receiving a signal.  I have been able to get the monitor working again by unplugging the DVI cable from the affected monitor and replugging it in.  So far it has happened once to each monitor and not at the same time.  Anyone else know experience this?

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    My desktop has 3 screens running from a GTX 760...2 DVI one using the HDMI output.  I can't say that I'm seeing this myself.

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    Desktop with 5 monitors running off 2 x GeForce GTX 960 display adapters. Using Display Fusion Pro 8 software to manage multi monitor setup. No issues with build 14936 (or earlier).

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    I this problem with my Surface Book. I have two external monitors. I got it laptop post anniverary update so I never considered my monitor issues were related. I have the Surface dock also. And yes, unplugging the monitor cable and replugging does the trick most of the time. Sometimes I have to unplug the power from the dock and sometimes I have to reboot the PC. I've tried DVI with an active min-DisplayPort adapter, HDMI, and just ordered a mini-DisplayPort to full-size DisplayPort cable in hopes of solving his annoyance.