My Library in Store is empty


I am setting up a new laptop and when I open the Microsoft Store App and go to the My Library section, it is empty. I expected to find all the apps I have downloaded on other Windows computers. I am logged into my account so that is not a factor! any ideas?

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  1. CalvusVir

    No ideas on that either as I'm in the same boat. I've actually purchased 2 apps and they don't even show up. Even the list of apps that I have installed from the store is wrong. So, it's broke for sure.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I'm seeing the same thing. There's a glitch in the Matrix!

    • simard57

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Maybe I should take comfort in numbers - but I am not.

      bad week - I check on Orby TV in anticipating of reactivating it soon and it gave a "not accepting new customers" on their site - maybe I am the kiss of death ;)

  3. lwetzel

    I get

    "Add some apps. There's nothing in your library."

    However, if I choose "Apps" instead of "All types" I see my apps (installed or not).