My Most Memerable Experience Using a Windows Phone


I have been using Windows Phone daily for about three years now. I had my ups and downs, but I have a confession to make. This is, by far, the most memorable experience I had in the past three years using a Windows Phone. You guys ready? Let me know if you can relate.

Opens App. Black Screen. Resuming… Resuming… Resuming… Loading… Loading… Black Screen. Resuming… Resuming… Loading… Start Screen appears.

And that’s it! Thanks, Microsoft, for the most pleasant experience in using a Windows Phone.

P.S. This was a piece of satire, for those who are sensitive about Windows Phone. But there is some truth to what I have written.



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  1. 4925

    Well I know your post was in jest but mine was seeing all the live tiles flip around all the time.  I really liked the interface I just wish it had been more succesful.

    • 907

      In reply to pjs37:

      I firmly believe the tiles are one of the reasons WPhone failed and I blame the original W8 for it. When W8 was inflicted onto the world most people were horrified. No start menu and these blocky ugly bright eyesores called tiles took its place. Immediately from that point the anti-tile seed was planted in peoples heads. MS have never been able to remove that seed for most people despite making positive changes to the tiles.

  2. 5530

    Yep agreed. screen....I cross the street and I still have not managed to accomplish anything on my phone! Honestly speaking, the app (WinPRT?) platform had some real app lifecycle issues on the phone. By when they improved it with Windows 10 an UWP, it didn't matter anymore, because they blew it on the hardware after purchasing Nokia, and they blew the software by not allowing most Windows Phone 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10. And that was it. I'm much happier now using an Android phone, because I realize all I really want is for an app to open when I actually open it, and when I switch back to app that I was using just seconds ago, I don't expect it to re-launch from scratch. WTF.