No more Surface Pro copycat devices


I was looking at the Surface 2 and noticed it has an 8th Gen m3 processor. I was curious what generation the Surface Pro 7 had (10th) and what other PC makers had in their tablet form factors. That is when I discovered nearly all of the major PC makers don’t feature any detachable 2-in-1 PCs on their websites. Lenovo was the only one who had a new PC form factor (the Windows10X Folding device).

Is this because:

  • PC makers are unhappy with Microsoft’s direct competition with Surface Laptop and Surface Laptop Go?
  • Intel 11th Gen is right around the corner and PC makers are going to launch new detachables with new CPUs?
  • The “Surface Pro” formfactor has not been a big enough market for PC makers to continue the product lines?
  • Windows 10 has been stale in the tablet formfactor since launch?
  • Something else?
  • All of the above?

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