One postitive thing in 2020…


One positive change in 2020 is that Cortana no longer squawks at you, when you set up a new PC! Having to set up dozens of new laptops in the second half of 2020, it was thankfully quieter than in 2019, where Cortana would start chatting to you at full volume from almost the second you turned on the PC!

Did this come in with 20H1? I was just installing yet another laptop this morning, when I actually thought about how quiet the last few months have been (with regard to Cortana). When you have a bank of 5 laptops you are installing at the same time, it is a real pain to have them all squawking away out of sync with each other.

Although the set-up process does get annoyed now, if you don’t have a network connection for it to use a Microsoft account over. I selected “I don’t have Internet”… a minute later, it asks again, whether I want to join a network.

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