OneDrive syncing not very reliable on Windows


Along Paul’s theme of “details matter”, does anyone have issues with OneDrive just being dumb?

For example, something that regularly happens is that I will take a phone on my iPhone, sync it to OneDrive (waiting until it has fully uploaded), and then try to access the photo from my PC. The OneDrive client will report “fully synced” but the photo is not there. I left the OneDrive PC folder open for 4 hours yesterday to see if it would show, and it still did not sync until I paused and re-activated OneDrive sync in the client (which essentially seems to log out and log back in).

This has been happening for years across multiple PCs and Windows reinstalls.

This seems like a case of “desktop sync just doesn’t work well” but am curious to know if maybe it’s just me.


Thanks for any input.

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  1. navarac

    SkyDrive/OneDrive was much better pre-Windows 10 so I have totally disabled OneDrive on my Windows 10 PC. Compared to Dropbox, I have found OneDrive to be extremely slow to sync.

    Files sync in Dropbox much much faster. But then, I AM paying for Dropbox, and it is used on both Windows 10 and Linux, which is a bonus.

  2. arnstarr

    You could give the OneDrive reset option a try.

    Reset OneDrive (

    After the reset is complete, you can choose the same folder location on your computer so you don't need to download everything again.

  3. MoopMeep

    It annoyed me for awhile that one drive isn't compatible with microsoft products.

    So this isn't fresh in my memory but I think one drive won't back up _vti folders..... which annoyed me at first because the _vti folder was created by a microsoft product.

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