Outlook.com will not stay connected when sending/forwarding emails

Outlook.com will not stay connected especially when I try to send/forward emails. I use cox.net as my primary email and it is listed in the ‘connected accounts’ folder. When I try to send/forward emails, the messages go directly to the “Drafts” folder, then my service disconects; then I have to try to reconnect in the ‘connected account’ folder again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it takes forever to connect again. This happens everytime I try to send/forward emails. It used to work, but lately this is the problem I am having and it very frustating, to say the least. I have to go to my cox.net to send an email. The older Outlook.com was much better. What is going on and how can I fix this so it doesn’t happen in the future? I know this version of Outlook.com is NEW but I can’t put up with not being able to send emails. Any help would be greatly appreciated; or I may have to switch to Gmail.


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