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Has anyone here experienced the Windows Photos app crashing recently? When I try to edit and crop a photo, the Windows photo app closes immediately. I tried restarting Windows, but with no luck. I am using Windows 10 1607 (Build 14393.321). I installed a Nvidia Game Ready driver 375.57 yesterday, but I am not sure if that is causing the issue. I also submited the problem in the Windows feedback app. 



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    Nivida released a new driver, 375.63, and it appears the issue has been fixed! I find it very strange, a graphics driver would cause a windows app, especially the Photos app to crash. 

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    Had the same problem which I resolved by rolling back the Nvidia Driver from 375.57 to 373.06.

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    Go to the Nvidia website and install manually the driver "375.63" and it should work, it did with me!

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