Photos app downloading LOTS from OneDrive every day


Hey. I’ve got probably over 200GB or so of photos + videos in OneDrive from my mobile phone camera roll over the years.

I’m running Win 10 1709.

In the past couple of weeks I get these notifications from OneDrive saying its doing a download of files in the background because the photos app has requested it.

I get a chance to cancel it, which takes a while but does seem to cancel.

The problem is that it’ll just do it again later anyway when I’m not at the PC.

Over the past week I’ve had it download well over 160GB 4 days out of 5. This morning I have 8MB (M!!) of space available again.

It’s easy to get back the space by right-clicking and telling OneDrive to “clear space” in Explorer.

I’ve visited the settings area the OneDrive notification suggestions and it doesn’t list the “photos” app as something I can prevent from doing these auto downloads. In fact that entire list of apps is empty – would I expect to see some there?

The only thing I can think of is that I’ve got the “Auto-Save” location for pictures in the OneDrive settings set to “OneDrive” rather than “this PC only”.

My PC is domain joined… Very small directory though – literally me as the very part-time admin for a business with 4 people. No policies at all configuring the placement of pictures, documents, etc.

Luckily I now have infinite Internet quota available at work and at home. Fortunately OneDrive is respecting the “metered network” settings for when I’m travelling too.

Anyone else seeing this crazy behaviour??


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