RDP — Can’t log in unless you change the password???


In something that probably makes sense only to Microsoft, why is it that if I try to do a remote desktop session onto a domain computer and my password has expired that it doesn’t let me change it remotely? I used to be able to with Windows 7 and I believe Server 2012, but it seems that since upgrading to Windows 10, I get a message saying that my password has expired and that I need to log in or ask an administrator for assistance.

Now, if I were actually at a physical computer on the domain, I could log in at that point and change it, but since I work remotely, I always end up having to have to contact a domain admin to reset and unlock my password before I can remote onto the domain again.

However, if I remote onto a domain computer running Windows 7 using a system account and then RDP onto a computer on that domain, THEN I can change it when I log in.

This is a really annoying change to the login procedure and a definite conundrum considering that the message tells me to change my password but I can’t because it won’t let me over a remote connection.

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