Reactivate Windows 10 problem.


I have a pc that I built myself. I installed windows 7 on the computer. The computer was automatically updated to windows 10. Now I have had to replace the motherboard and power supply. Now windows wants to reactivate windows. It fails. I went through all the steps that led me to contact microsoft to reactivate windows. Now they want my windows 7 activation key. I don’t have that. How am I supposed to get that back?

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  1. jimchamplin

    Give it your Windows 7 key.

    Edit: Love the downvote for the correct answer. If you give Windows 10 your 7/8/8.1 key, it will activate.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    I think there are software tools out there to extract your license key from within Windows legally. I forget exactly which one since I've been on Win10 since 2015.... But do a search and it should extract your license key from Windows. The fact that it was previously activated should mean that the key that it did have was valid at one time so you should be able to find it.