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It appears, until now, that I’ve had an excellent run with Insider builds. My Surface Pro 2 has kept chugging along and using all the features as they were described in the changelogs.

…until now. Build#16215 had an issue that removed the ability to connect to wifi and bluetooth for SP1 and SP2 devices. Build#16226 has a 5-secondly brainfart trying to start the multi-language input systems meaning that the current app loses focus frequently and I cannot use the on-screen keyboard or the pen. Both of these are usability-breakers so I’ve kept on with the older build for the moment. I hope I can get a running build soon and use all these cool new features!

Anyway, critique and discuss!

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  1. jimchamplin

    That’s the caveat with prerelease builds. Sometimes it seems to defy logic that something which worked right for ages suddenly breaks, but this is complex software. If a change is made to a dependency, it can wreck a whole subsystem!

  2. Julian Andebrhan

    In reply to MacNala:

    Installation completed as normal.

    Now, I just tried to reformat with the latest official ISO (build 16251) from a USB stick and will not boot at all (just blue Windows logo, USB stick light flashes, then reboots). Does anybody know if the SAFE_OS phase of boot changed after 16199? I can't even get the installation started!


    • MacNala

      In reply to Jefe1: I am sorry I cannot help you. Good luck I think a complete clean installation might give some indication of why it is happening if it fails to load it should give a reason or even juts a code.