Refreshed PC. Update show there’s no updates.


I refreshed my PC yesterday, on the insiders preview. It went back to 1607, which expired on 5/1/2017. So now it will reset every couple hours.

I go to update it, it show there’s no updates. It’s just download some virus definitions, Nvidia driver, the monthly MSRT.

But no Windows updates.

How do I get the updates on the fast ring?

Also, I go to setting, account. It says to verify account. I click on verify account, it just closes settings.

After I get all my settings, and download thing I use and get the latest’s updates. I’ll use the built in system image tool to create a system image. So If I restore it again. I won’t have to go and redownload everything again, and have to go and fix system settings, and app settings.

It’s annoying to have to redownlod everything and configure all these apps. Even though it’s not a lot of apps. It’s still annoying.

Especially the system settings and the layout, my desktop and taskbar icons and settings.

Windows 10 should have something where you can backup your settings.

Even though I AM the admin. Some stuff I try to access is saying this app has been blocked for your protection.

Edge on this version, is so slooooooooooooooooooooow. IE is faster.

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