Saving passwords in Edge


Hi, I am having issues when attempting to save a few passwords in Edge. It successfully has saved many others however with this newest update to W10 all of my passwords were lost. The four sites I’m having trouble with are Netflix ( Australia ), Stan, Youtube Red and Patreon. Thank you.

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    No issues here.

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      Caveat: Edge will sync passwords between all of my PCs, but my phone is left in the lurch. Not sure what the issue is there. All are on my MSFT account (though the PCs are domain joined).

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    I'm having a helluva time getting Edge to ask if I want to save passwords at all. It's gotten to the point that I fire up Chrome to sign into a site just to make sure the thing gets sync'd, then I log in via Edge.

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      I don't know what to say Jim other than Edge has a split personality. One day it runs well then the next day it just crashes or is slow. For me MS really dropped the ball releasing Edge the way it was.