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my new Spectre X360 will arrive today. I recall Paul recommending setting it up with a local account so you can change the computer name to something sensible in the MSA once you attach it because the name in the cloud cannot be changed. I think this has been addressed now, so is it still recommended to set up using a local account?

I am considered locking it to Windows Store Apps and wonder if the MS Office apps have yet to be made available through the store for Office 365 subscribers?

thanks for any responses – always exciting starting fresh with a new computer


PS – this was an unplanned purchase to replace my Surface Pro 3 that one day decided to not charge anymore. It fell off a cliff with no indications that it was about to fail.

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  1. Polycrastinator

    I always set up with a local account first, as administrator, then create a Microsoft Account as a Standard Account. That way I need to enter credentials each time something needs admin, which is a bit of a hassle but a lot more secure.

    • Simard57

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      The new laptop arrived and I did choose the local account approach. I wish I read you recommendation before I finished the setup.

      I chose a local account and finished the HP configuration setup

      I renamed the laptop to something useful

      I then changed the setting to my MSA but I did not do as you suggested so by creating a separate account without admin privileges (sigh).

      Can I now create an admin account and remove the admin privileges from my account?

      With Windows Hello it is easy peasy to re-authenticate when Admin privileges are requested so the hassle is greatly lowered.

      Additionally I did configure to only permit Windows Store apps. It is an experiment to see how long I can last. The Office Apps were pre-installed and all I needed to do was provide the O365 account and they all activated. I thought I had a quick fail of my experiment when I tried to attach to my Brother Wireless printer. The printer did not come up when it scanned the network (I have a segmented network crying for a mesh replacement to clean it up) and I went to the Brother site to see how to proceed. Since all the choices to use their s/w seemed to be desktop apps (no Windows 10 S choice), I thought I might have to accept an out of store app. Instead I remembered I gave my printer a static IP address and used that method. Windows 10 offered the right driver and I was good to go.

      I am wondering when I will hit that wall - I am not a huge App user but there are occasions that I may need something from outside the store.

      • Polycrastinator

        In reply to Simard57:

        Yes, you can create a new account, change it to admin, and then switch the other account to a standard account.

        That's an interesting note regarding Hello and admin. I don't have Hello configured on my admin account, so I'm entering in a password each time. I haven't tested whether configuring Hello would work for the admin account (could end up being problematic if you have face recognition for both accounts, how would it know which account you're trying to log into?).

        I'll be interested in your experience trying to limit yourself to the store for sure.

    • AnOldAmigaUser

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      I always configure the first account as a local account for administration, just so no users are admin accounts. I then create a user account for each family member as a local account, so that the entry under the Users directory matches their name, and then show them how to switch them to use their Microsoft Account, or not.

  2. Simard57

    I have been less than impressed with the battery life of the new X360 so I decided to dive into task manager to see what might be cause it to run fan on and getting hot.

    OneDrive is the culprit - CPU usage is hovering at 30-40%. I chose to sync Documents and Photos which amounts to about 170 GB (I think) and it continues to sync. but the odd thing is OneDrive is showing a lot of CPU usage but not so much on Network utilization. any idea how long this should take? I hope to get a better handle on the expected battery life. Right now - kind of concerned with what I am seeing.

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