Should IT Enterperise Pros apply 1809r to machines running 1809?


So here is the dilemma which is a side-effect of poor MS communication: I mistakenly chose 1809 as our “catch-up” update for all our laptops and desktops which were running 1703 just fine. By the time MS pulled it, 1809 got installed to about half our gear! Now the question is does MS envision us to re-upgrade our 1809 to 1809r (the new re-release) or are the patch Tuesday updates going to bring us up to speed with the original pulled update???

This is crazy, I don’t even have standardized language to refer the difference between the original upgrade and the re-released upgrade. Like you said on Windows Weekly, Paul, it’s amateur hour at MS!

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5 responses to “Should IT Enterperise Pros apply 1809r to machines running 1809?”

  1. BruceR

    Just install updates. No need to start again.

  2. Patrick3D

    The problem with 1809 wasn't the content of the patch(es), just the method by which it was supposed to backup your data during the install. Simply continue updating as normal, no need to re-apply the newer release of 1809 over the original release of 1809.

  3. wright_is

    No. Those that were already on 1809 have already received roll-up updates for October and November. No need to re-upgrade.

  4. jimchamplin

    Perhaps one should simply use 1809Arr, the newest roll up which includes support for the pirate localization.

    Upgrade yer kit, matey, or ye get scurvy... ye scabbarous lubber!

  5. Tony Barrett

    If you have to; Windows 10 2019 LTSC. Only version even worth considering. I'd NEVER deploy a semi-annual channel release in the enterprise. Total madness. Don't listen to MS - they want enterprises on the CBB (semi-annual), but it just doesn't make sense.