[Software] Best RDP that Optimized for WiFi? (bonus for if UWP)


I need you help to find a Remote Desktop Program (general purpose) that optimized for local wifi network connection speed so that I can use my Windows tablet at home as thin client to my desktop workstation.

An ideal application for this use would be that it need not go through a third party remote server to connect, has consistent Steam In-Home Streaming level of quality or better due to optimization but for general purpose (aka. not only stream games, but desktop, applications, videos and etc.), added bonus for if it is an UWP (so can be use with Win10S and other Windows sub platforms, e.g W10M), and/or end-to-end encryption.

I would not mind to pay a little for it, as long as if it is a reasonable price (less than $50 per install license/ less than $10 per annual) as long as it meets the above requirements. Thanks.

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