I use groupy and fences and really liking both wonder what everyone else uses

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  1. jmeiii75

    Same (Groupy and Fences). Also used Deskscpes and Start10 (will be getting Start11 at some point)

  2. Brad Sams

    I promise this is not my alt account ?

    • helix2301

      I have been really enjoying a few of the products and want to see what everyone else is using

  3. hrlngrv

    I prefer different virtual desktops for grouping applications. Tabs are fine in web browsers, OK in file managers, not my pick for anything else. As for Fences, I don't keep enough on my desktop for it to provide any value for me.

    With Windows 11, I've taken to using Nexus Dock. Stardock's ObjectDock Plus would be an alternative, but in this case I prefer free to inexpensive. The key feature which Nexus Dock provides but freeware ObjectDock lacks is a system tray fly-out. I also use Taskbar Eliminator which does one and only one thing: completely hides the Windows taskbar so that not even a 1-pixel wide indicator appears.

    I don't make much use of the Start menu, but I prefer a Windows 2K-like menu to anything from the current millennium. Open Shell provides that, but I couldn't make Start10 get close enough to what I wanted.

    Back when I was using LiteStep (98 thru XP), I dabbled with WindowBlinds. No longer. Some things one just outgrows (or becomes too old to care).

  4. spacein_vader

    I use Groupy, and also have the first 2 Galciv games (I even had a account back in the day.)

    I'm not a huge fan of how Wardell comports himself but their software tends to be well written in my experience.

  5. ringofvoid

    I'm only using Start11 at the moment but I was a big WindowsBlinds fan years ago.

  6. lwetzel

    Fences, Start8, Start10, Start11, Groupy, and others. They all work great some of them I decided to stop using.

  7. martinusv2

    Groupy, Start11. I keep my desktop clean so I do not need Fences. But at work I would so love to have Fences :)

    I used Curtains, but for reasons unknown to me, it don't work well with Edge.

    • Brad Sams

      Fences in the corp world is a scenario we support if you really want to make it happen...but we have an announcement soon (TM) that should further help this style of usage.

  8. justme

    Start8, Start10, ModernMix (when I ran 8.1), three Galactic Civ games. As a heavy Start Menu user - I've come to rely on Stardock to allow me to use the Start Menu the way that works for me, as opposed to whatever Microsoft puts out.