Surface Devices and Windows 10 2004


It’s weird, my Surface Go received Windows 10 2004 today, but my Surface Laptop 3 is still blocked.

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  1. alsorun

    But Surface Go 2 was offered 2004 one week ago.

  2. ourmaninny

    Almost August and the "May" update 2004 still is unavailable on my Surface Laptop 3. Wow.

  3. MacLiam

    My Surface Pro (2017) -- aka the SP "5" -- and my new Surface Book 3 got a .NET framework update this afternoon. On restart, neither was blocked for 2004, and I was invited to download and install it.They are doing that now.

    When 2004 was still called 20H1 and available only to insider rings, I never had significant problems with it on my test machines. But once it became available as a feature update release a few months ago, my three best machines, which never see beta releases, had major problems after installation. I rolled them back to 1909 so I could actually do some work; on one of them I had to do a clean install that cost me some files and lots of wasted time restoring the non-store apps that I use. As time went by all three were added to the block list. It continues to bewilder me how the company could have released 2004 without knowing that it wouldn't work even on so many of Microsoft's own Surface devices.

    Memo to Mr. Nadela: A slow-rollout system release will also be slow to reveal how massive a problem you have when your internal evaluiation and quality-control processes are not up to the task.

  4. simont

    Just got offered 2004 on my Surface Laptop 3 today.

  5. epguy40

    this article from Softpedia news was published yesterday Aug. 16:

    and check out this Reddit thread:

  6. ourmaninny

    My SL3 finally got the May update on Friday, August 14.

  7. simont

    Surface Book 2 at the office is busy installing 2004. But my Surface Laptop 3 isn't getting it.

    • epguy40

      In reply to simont:

      check the "C:\Windows\appcompat\appraiser" folder, delete the APPRAISER_TelemetryBaseline_20H1.bin, APPRAISER_TelemetryBaseline_UNV.bin & files and check for updates again.

  8. angusmatheson

    Surface laptop 3 and surface pro 7 just got offered 2004. Jumped on it. I desperately want to get it before anyone at work downloads it before they have problems. I know that what the preview channels are for. I fed s as he thay up as just a little too crazy for me after the computer is sued rondo them on melted down. Trying To explain to people why surface devices get them last is a little hard.

  9. north of 49th

    As an update, my Surface Pro 5 got offered 2004 yesterday.

  10. peterc

    So my Lenovo Legion is now getting Win 10 2004 today............. but my Surface Pro 7 is still hanging out with the out crowd! Cant quite believe it ..... Who reckons I'll get to September and still be waiting? crackers.

  11. StevenLayton

    I'm curious. Are people just frustrated that their Microsoft devices aren't yet on the latest version (understandable) when other devices are, or that they're waiting for a specific feature the 2004 update brings?

    • simont

      In reply to StevenLayton:

      For me, a specific feature - WSL2. But as its a Microsoft device, you kind of expect to get the update first, or very soon after release.

      • paradyne

        In reply to simont:

        I don't know, I don't think it's ever been the "Microsoft Way" to prioritise their devices in favour of a larger market segment.

        Multiple times when a new version of something, or indeed Windows 10 itself originally, has been coming soon at around the same time as new hardware, the media has been full of expectation (click-bait headlines?) that it would launch 'first' on their new devices exclusively and then everyone else later, as it if were a new Android on a Pixel phone.

        But it never happened that way. They always released to the wider audience first. It's just what MS do.

        (Still waiting for a 2004 with WSL2 that successfully installs on my Surface Pro X. They have completely messed up the roll out there as I've downloaded it more than 10 times on Windows Update's request only for it to fail as incompatible)

  12. DavidSlade

    Surface Laptop 3, 2004 still blocked.

  13. Paul Thurrott

    Surface Laptop 1 and 2 are not getting 2004 here.

    • epguy40

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      try the 2004 upgrade again now as MS seems to have removed the "upgrade block" for many Surface devices effective Tue. June 29

      • DavidSlade

        In reply to epguy40:

        Surface Laptop 3 update still unavailable for me. Also a desktop actively blocked, but Surface Book 1 upgraded.

        • DavidSlade

          I did some searching and found that my desktop has used a HASP device with aksfridge.sys driver. This is most likely blocking the update.
  14. Paul Thurrott

    I just checked on Surface Go 2 and 2004 is still not being offered. It's "on the way" ... someday.

  15. epguy40

    this story on ZDNet recently came out - Microsoft removes the Windows 10 2004 block on Surface devices

  16. gregorylbrannon

    I have it installed on my Surface Book gen 1

  17. brendan_rutledge

    Surface Laptop 3 here. I was just offered 2004 a few hours ago. I'm in the fast ring and it's build 20152.

  18. kitron

    I did not receive it for Surface Book 1 and 2. Since they are taking their sweet time I am expecting 2004 to be rock solid once it gets deployed.

  19. north of 49th

    My Surface Pro 5 is still blocked for 2004.

  20. epguy40

    this person using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device is NOT receiving the 2004 upgrade and is still running Win10 v1909 (and it's already March 2021)