System Tray folded into Action Centre


I hate system tray icons on my task bar but have to admit they are useful at times.

I am wondering if MS would ever move these icons in the action center?

And if they did would the masses revolt?


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  1. Paul Thurrott

    The bigger issue in a way is just the general proliferation of crap in the taskbar. Would love for a more minimalist look.

  2. Ian S.

    It would be interesting how they could implement this. If they could "expand" all 3rd party sys-tray items (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, security softwares, and put them on their own tab called "utilities" with each app having their own box in Action Center, it would certainly clean up the lower right corner of the screen.

  3. Chris_Kez

    Well, it is technically the "Taskbar Notification Area", (emphasis mine) so I wouldn't consider it crazy to move it into the Action Center, which houses app notifications; and there's already overlap with quick actions like Bluetooth and Network/Wi-Fi.

  4. navarac

    I got rid of the Action Centre long ago.

  5. t1618

    Mm feels like what it is, something of a mess, old and new kinda smudged together, I expect better by now frankly

  6. t1618

    Try using it with the taskbar docked on the left.

    Means you have to click far bottom left to open the action center - at the far right, winds me up.

  7. hrlngrv

    I've tried out a lot of Windows shell replacements. Many had themes which could hide the system tray, but those wound up not being useful.

    It's possible to mark all notification icons not to show, which would reduce the system tray to a single pointer pointing to the desktop (so a big ^ for taskbars docked on the bottom edge of the screen). You could still check them by clicking on that pointer, and they should still appear when they display actual notifications.

    As for moving them to the Action Center, everything bundled with Windows should, in theory, be able to generate Action Center notifications, but 3rd party services/utilities may not be specific to Windows 10, so not be able to generate Action Center notifications.

  8. PhilipVasta

    Totally agree on this. Some notification tray icons I just don't want to see, ever. Even under the little "more" arrow. Also, on moving the taskbar - it feels like Microsoft never fully optimized for people moving it. For example, like someone else said, the taskbar on the left moves the action center button, but action center still opens on the right. Or, why can't I have the taskbar on the left side, but the start button still down at the bottom?