Task scheduler failing in Windows 10 AU



I’ve had 3x laptops that recently applied the AU.  A month ago they were literally unboxed and had Win 10 v1511 on them.  We installed one bit of software and a scheduled task – the laptops don’t really get used by a person.

Anyway, since they applied the AU update, all three have task scheduler issues.  It seems we’re not alone as there are many reports on the net about task scheduler breaking things like backup apps.  I’d love to get Paul or Brad to get Microsoft to acknowledge the problem and see when a fix might be coming.  

Example threads: https://www.2brightsparks.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=12406



We just have a simple command line job that needs to run, and if it’s closed, start again.  A scheduled task set to run only when there’s a user logged in, to not run if already running, and to try to start every minute, was perfect.  That now doesn’t work – it just refuses to launch with similar error outputs as per the threads above.  If you right-click the task and run it manually you can get it to start (that might depend on settings – I’ve been through *many* permutations!)

Wondering if this is biting many others.



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