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I keep getting phone calls they say they are from Microsoft Technical Support or associated with Microsoft. They indicate that my computer is sending information about a problem or they want me to purchase/re-new technical support (which I did not know that I had). Is this really from Microsoft?

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  1. Dan1986ist

    No, the calls you and others in your situation get are not from Microsoft nor do they have any association with Redmond.

  2. jimchamplin

    I've been dying to get one of these calls. I have a cheesy VM set up just waiting for them. It isn't even actually Windows. It's ReactOS. I keep it up to date just in case. Holy Hell is it hilarious to imagine!

  3. Paul Thurrott

    No, it's not. This is a very common form scam these days, sadly.

  4. lordbaal1

    yeah it's from Microsoft, and I have a bridge to sell you.

  5. lordbaal1

    once I had one call me, after a couple minutes, I said I was from the FBI and I was tracing the mumber. He just gotten so quite, and apologized.

  6. Polycrastinator

    I actually get these calls occasionally on my work number. We're an IT support firm so it's kind of hilarious, but I've only had the time to string them along for a few minutes once.

  7. wunderbar

    Also one thing to note is that they never actually say they're from Microsoft. I get these calls probably once every couple of months, and they always say they're from "Windows Technical Support"

    Not once do they say they are Microsoft. I've pressed them, asking if they were from Microsoft (knowing full well it is a scam), and the reply is always "we are Windows technical support"