The most annoying thing about Widgets in Windows 11


I would love usable widget pane, I still think those Longhorn concepts of sidebar were great so I decided to give Widget pane a fair shake.


But it annoys me to no end that widgets do not open in corresponding apps but in new Edge window (or tab if it is already opened).


It seems like the most obvious UX choice to open Weather Widget in Weather app, news articles in Microsoft News, Sport scores in MSN Sports app and so forth.


Even better option maybe would be for them to expand into Widget pane without opening any app.


This way it looks just like a glorified MSN feed (which suppose it actually is).


I hope they fix and change that, but that hope is dim.



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  1. Benoit Lamarche

    The most annoying to me about widgets is that swiping from the left no longer brings up the task switcher. Complete loss of productivity, even on a touch screen laptop. The second most annoying thing is being incapable of removing the news sources.

    The GUI changes in Windows 11 are lackluster overall and only skin deep. I was hoping for more fundamental changes.

    • darkgrayknight

      Yeah, I use task switching all the time and removing the fast touch screen access is not helpful.

  2. lwetzel

    100% in on getting rid of news sources. I want useful widgets. News sources are everywhere AND annoying!

  3. hrlngrv

    Should widgets be able to open if one has uninstalled Weather, News, Sports. etc apps? Should opening them force reinstall of any previously uninstalled apps?

    The correct answer is that this should be an option in Settings to allow each user to decide for him/herself.

    • adlton

      Is it that impossible to check either if corresponding app is installed or at least follow what is default browser?

  4. phjeong

    Are there some widgets that truly block the UX? I’m guessing they can be changed in the future since there are just so many aspects that have been seen and I hope that it can work out since there are people who will be okay with the way it's designed with a model like this.

  5. anayastory1

    What will be the cost for new registration for new Windows 11

  6. anoldamigauser

    Only Microsoft would introduce a new version of an OS with a feature, Focused Sessions, meant to allow one to work undistracted, and widgets which introduce an unending stream of distractions.