the saga of the phantom split touch keyboard & 1803


Does anyone know what the actual situation is with the split on screen keyboard? It existed through 1703, was pulled in 1709, and supposedly has been added back ->×653.png and yet… I’m on 1803 and don’t have it. The internet has been less than helpful… some people seem to have it, others don’t. What is the situation? Am I going to be stranded on 1703 forever? The tablet is fairly useless without it.

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  1. Usman

    I have it on 1803

  2. Dan1986ist

    My Venue 10 Pro on has it on 1803, while my Venue 8 Pro also on 1803 doesn't have the spilt keyboard option. Could depend device and/or screen size factors?

    • generalprotectionfault

      In reply to Dan1986ist:

      Ok on one hand that makes me happy I'm not losing my mind with the discrepancy. On the other, I wonder what the difference is. Microsoft's documentation simply states it's not available on a screen over 22 inches but this clearly isn't that. Another bug?