The "Who got 1709" post


Well, that was unexpected.

Work PC, 2nd generation i5, HP Compaq 8200 SFF, for those who are wondering. It got the earlier creator’s update only a few days after that was released, too.

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  1. Lauren Glenn

    I never wait for Windows Update. When I tried using Windows Update to update to 1607 (or 1703.... forget which), it failed during install and gave me a BSOD then rolled back. So now, I always download the ISO tool (Media Creation Tool) and install it from there by running SETUP.EXE

    Windows Update either fails, crashes and reverts.... plus, I can take the ISO and bring it to other computers (like my work ones) and install it there easily.

    • Polycrastinator

      In reply to alissa914g:

      Honestly, this computer needs a reinstall anyway, so if it blows it up it's not the end of the world. 1607 to 1703 blew up both my Surface Book and home Desktop, but it worked just fine on this system. I'm pretty sure the errors were due to some sort of problem with uninstalling Visual Studio though.

  2. hrlngrv

    Entering the 4th hour of the process.

  3. Daniel

    I got it very soon on my NUC. However, I had to roll back to 1703 because my monitor could not display whatever content it was sending. The monitor displayed a message that it was "out of range". I updated drivers, BIOS, everything I could think of and it still wouldn't work. (I did all of this via remote software which worked fine.) Once I rolled it back, everything went back to normal. Very odd.

  4. mee123104

    How do I set W32 apps as default now?

    (upon a few seconds research looks like it's still possible thru Explorer, but not in the Settings panel anymore. Hopefully an oversight)

  5. ErichK

    Got it on my 2-in-1 as well as my gaming rig by checking Windows Update. The 2-in-1 updated without issue, albeit slowly. On my gaming tower, the update got stuck at 26%, so I had to run the troubleshooter, but it fixed it. After the update, I started going through my most sensitive applications, which in my case are my digital audio workstations. Seemed fine at first, but Pro Tools got stuck at its splash screen where it said "Initializing Controllers." This was fixed by changing the settings of my audio interface.

    So, a couple hiccups. Seems okay right now though, but we'll see.

  6. dfeifer

    Strangely none of the systems on my domain automatically got it. but as soon as you pulled up windows update and told it to check for updates it would find it.

  7. Patrick3D

    3 PC's at home got it via Windows Updates last night (manual click of the Check For Updates button.) My laptop at work got it but did not automatically restart to complete the install. Also at work an employee dropped off their laptop this morning to have the update done for them but the laptop is being a pain*. Windows Updates does not find the update, download and running the Windows Update Assistant from Microsoft finds the update but reports "something went wrong" and fails to install with error 5 (corrupt download?) Doing a forced upgrade using a USB installer now.

    2 of my computers at home and my laptop at work all had a OneDrive error at first logon stating the my OneDrive folder was not my original OneDrive folder??? Setting up OneDrive again resolves the issue. No data lost and all of my re-located profile folders still function correctly. Weird.

    *The troublemaker laptop is a Dell Latitude E6430 running 32-bit Windows 10 Pro.

  8. MixedFarmer75

    Surface 3 on Windows preview received it right away. Had to "force" 1703 on all 3/4 machine last time. Used the upgrade assistant. My newest HP X360 (2017) received it immediately also. HP Envy AIO (2016) , Lenovo Flex 2 (2014), Dell XPS 9100 (2010), still waiting

  9. russellsouthey

    5 PC all updated using the ISO download and not a single problem! Well done Microsoft!

  10. Polycrastinator

    I'm starting to feel like it's being pushed to everything I touch. Which is actually a bit concerning: I'd presumed this was going to be a slow rollout, but what I'm seeing is that Microsoft is trying to push this as fast as is possible.

  11. Martin Pelletier

    Have it also.

    But had a weird thing after the first patch. Couldn't open the start menu. Had to reboot again and now it's ok.

  12. fuzzsdad

    Acer Aspire V5 got it today and no problems. No exclamation points in Device Manager like last time so I'm happy so far.

  13. StevenLayton

    My wife's cheap Acer Aspire E15 just got it.

  14. harmjr

    Got it on my SP4. Now I did have to click windows update.

  15. andrewtechhelp

    Very interestingly, I got the 1709 update on every single computer that I checked today (a 2015 HP Spectre x360, a HP Elite Slice and an Intel NUC). None of these PCs got the 1703 update on the first day. I was surprised.

  16. TheJoeFin

    I got it right away day one from Windows Update on my custom built desktop.

  17. rameshthanikodi

    Neither my brother's Ivy Bridge laptop or my Haswell laptop has gotten it yet. It usually takes 2 or 3 months for the update to reach us

  18. Simard57

    It was waiting for me when I got home yesterday.

    HP Spectre X360 purchased a few months ago. It installed through Windows Update without any problem. took updating OneDrive to see the the Files On Demand options. Noticed Photos updated to add Create option to the taskbar.

    so far so good. Is there a cheat sheet on what the OneDrive iconology is?

  19. Brad Sams

    Got it on my desktop machine

  20. Polycrastinator

    Just received it on my Surface Book. Which took a long time with 1703. I wonder if Microsoft is actually being more aggressive with this rollout than last time, or if I'm just an outlier (or they're pushing it because I'm an insider, which would make a lot of sense, to push it out to folks who're part of the insider program first)?

  21. polloloco51

    As of 10:45, I have 1703 still on my Dell XPS with an I7-3770 processor. There is no update available yet. I suspect, it could come out, this week or maybe next?

  22. lwetzel

    2 out of 6 updated.

  23. ErichK

    Don't have it yet, but looking forward to it. I just hope an in-place install works okay. I've got so many programs loaded on this PC that I'd hate to start from a clean slate at this particular moment.

  24. jimchamplin

    Everything in the house is on 1709.19

  25. Dan1986ist

    Got the feature update to 1709 on my Dell Venue 10 Pro tablet.

  26. evox81

    Of my non-insider systems, my 6th Gen (i7 + Z170 MB) & 7th Gen (Pentium + Z270 MB) systems got the update a couple days ago.