The Win10 search disaster – why hasn’t this gotten more attention?


Local search, a simple and core feature of any OS, is used for a different agenda in Windows 10. It sends every single query and result back to Microsoft’s servers for them to sell and monetize. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was recently discovered that Microsoft is pervasively forcing suspicious “updates” to the basic search box. Yesterday, an “update” made the search completely unusable for hundreds of millions of Win10 users. Now Microsoft is lying about it blaming a “server issue” instead of admitting to hijacking PC’s for profit.

This is just another reason to NEVER use Win10 over the alternatives.

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10 responses to “The Win10 search disaster – why hasn’t this gotten more attention?”

  1. BruceR

    Microsoft don't sell data, and the blank search box wasn't caused by an update.

  2. jmwoods301

    I left Microsoft Search behind a few years ago and went to Voidtools Everything.

    Haven't looked back.

  3. codymesh

    "It sends every single query and result back to Microsoft’s servers for them to sell and monetize."

    maybe it doesn't get attention because all you conspiracy theory types always engulf and turn the conversation into insanity

  4. bnyklue

    It’s been obvious from the beginning that the only purpose of Windows 10 is to monetize users. The search problems are just a small part of that. Windows Search is no longer seen as an OS component to be optimized and improved, but rather a tool to artificially inflate Bing’s market share and sell targeted ads.

  5. Paul Thurrott

    This was a minor event that lasted for a few hours on one day.

    You should be praising us for not making a big deal out of nothing. We have real drama to contend with. This isn't it.

  6. minke

    Microsoft's search box is terrible in Office for the Mac too--half the time it returns nothing when I know the item is there. I eventually find it by manual searching in folders, by date, etc. Finding an email in Outlook is particularly frustrating.

  7. StevenLayton

    Is disaster the right word? The sinking of the Titanic was a disaster, as are the bush fires in Australia. The 'Great Windows 10 search disaster' barely moves the needle on the disaster scales. For most people it was probably just a 1.4 on the 'Meh' scale.

    I guess to answer your question. Because to most it wasn't that bigger deal?

  8. simont

    More of a Windows 10 search annoyance. But yes, why would local search break if there is something wrong with the cloud?

  9. anoldamigauser

    Yes, because of course, Google is not tracking everything you do when you use Chrome, or anything like that.

    Seriously, if you want privacy, you can change the settings, stop a service or two, install a modified hosts file or use a pi-hole, add a vpn, use Tor browser, and Signal for messaging...and you still won't be able to keep things completely private. Welcome to the world of surveillance capitalism.