Time for the Insider Program to end?


I know this will come across as beating a dead horse (hate that phrase, by the way), but quality assurance issues in Windows is frustrating. I don’t know if they’re leaning on the Windows Insiders crutch too much or their systems are incapable of triaging bugs properly. I know my experience is not reflective of everyone’s experience, but I’ve been using Windows since 3.0 and I’ve used Windows version that were more stable than this. I feel like every release is of the quality of a buggy fast ring release, even the ones that go public. I don’t know if they have become too reliant on insiders to find problems. I wouldn’t complain if the program ended tomorrow.

My 1803 problems:

Moving an window from one monitor to another crashes the app half the time.

Copying and pasting inconsistent and unreliable.

Bluetooth connectivity is unreliable. Could not connect several bluetooth mice to my PC. Started after release and ended randomly.

Random crashes after connecting to a VPN (randomly started and randomly stopped).

My 1809 problems:

Lost files.

Low display brightness that is fixed after a reboot.

Low sound that is fixed after a reboot.

Mouse cursor disappears. Fixed after a reboot.

Battery icon freezes in the taskbar on random occasions.

Copying and pasting from UWP apps is unreliable (still!).

Uninstalling a Win32 app set as a startup app ocassionally causes Windows 10 to crash on logging in. I had to find utilities to do a full cleanup to get this working.

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