Unhappiness with needing Microsoft account to install Windows



I might regret asking this question, but I am wondering what the concern is about needing to supply a Microsoft account when installing Windows. I see a lot of people looking for alternative ways to install Windows 10/11 to avoid having to use a Microsoft account. I will need to supply my Microsoft account information anyway to install Office since I am subscribed to that, so I am not sure why it is controversial. Is there something I am missing here? Is there a privacy concern or other issue?

Not trying to cause any trouble or accuse anyone of wearing tinfoil hats – I am genuinely curious. I am mostly an Apple user now (where I am used to providing my iCloud account on everything) but also have a PC for gaming and Windows things. I am looking to wipe it and install Windows 11 soon (probably after 22H2 comes out) and have noticed all of the concerns about needing to supply a Windows account at startup.