Update KB4015438 Won’t Complete download


I have been tryin to install the March 20 update (KB4015438) sweveral times. It starts to download, gets to 95% and stalls. My latest attempt waited almost an hour at the 95% point and I had to move on to other things. Any way to get around this? Can I download the update manually and install it? I have found where I can download uit manually, but I’m not surew how to install it. By the way, I also don’t seem to be able to edit this post to correct my spelling errors!

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  1. Patrick McAuley

    Looks like I just wasn't patient enough. When I checked after another hour or more, the update had finally finished downloading and was installing. Now completed successfully.

  2. offTheRecord

    I don't have a solution, but just wanted to post to say I had what looks like the same issue. This update -- a 1.1 GB! download -- appeared to freeze at 95%. I don't remember how long I left it (it was probably at least an hour), but at some point I noticed that it was actually "installing" the update. I never did see when (or if) the download got to 100%. So, my suggestion would be to try again when you can let it sit for a while -- perhaps, overnight.

    I *really, really* dislike the way Updates work in Windows 10. There are other reasons besides just the Updates, but It has actually pushed us to replace Windows with an alternative OS on most of our critical work PCs. As a user of Windows pretty much exclusively for decades, it says a lot that this is now the case.

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