UWP Community Launch 2020 &


I saw this was retweeted from the walkingcat, which is a highlight of some UWP built apps / utilities, I’m just going to focus on the interesting projects listed rather than it being UWP / Windows only.

The ones I found interesting were mostly the honourable mentions / unreleased projects:

  • DynamicShell
  • I use taskbarX (previously falcon) to get a centered taskbar, this just gives the overall taskbar UI a new undocked and newer make over
  • Project Input / Project Screen
  • I have been trying to find something similar for Windows, which will let me use an external surface that’s lying around as a makeshift pen digitiser. Very niche use case, but at least there will be a utility to do that now.

Another project I found as part of the group project page is WinDynamicDesktop which replicates the time of day wallpapers found in MacOS.

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  1. KPixel

    Wow, really cool community and projects.

    These developers are really building high quality UWP apps!