Was Windows 8 really that bad?


Windows 8 Consumer Preview arrived nearly 5 years ago. When I saw it, I was pretty surprised at how different it was. It felt like Windows 7, but with another shell added on.


Was Windows 8 really that bad? 

When Windows 8 came out in 2012, it created a divisiveness in the Windows community. Many people hated it, and stuck with Windows 7. Some loved it, and said they will never go the desktop again. There were some people who assimilated and tried adapting using programs like Start8. 

As brash as Windows 8 was with the schizo dueling interfaces. It was technically a huge leap forward for Windows. It brought Windows into the modern age of computing. First off, Windows 10 brought in modern apps, which cleanly install and uninstall, and don’t have acccess to everything in Windows. Secondly, Windows 8 introduced a reset option, which allowed users to reinstall Windows without the need of a DVD.

Microsoft also brought out significant system performance improvements in Windows 8. Before Windows 7 really needed 4GBs of RAM, but could run on 1GB, and a fast dual core processor. Windows 8 however, could run on 1GB of ram with a lower powered processor. It ran especially well on 1GB using modern apps. Windows 8 also brought new Directx technologies and many other technologies that made Windows much improved.

Windows 8 also introduced much improved security. For the first time, Windows included anti-virus, Windows Defender. Windows 8 also added other security features like secure boot.

Windows 8 also elicited new forms of computers. They ranged from 10″ tablets, to 2 in 1 laptop computers, small 8″ tablets, laptops with lids that flip 360 degrees and more. I would say, Microsoft’s tablet, the Surface Pro, inspired it’s competitors to release similar things. 

Windows 8 despite being divisive and different, brought out many positive changes. Without it, we would not have Windows 10, and the different forms of computers we have today. We would arguably still be using the Windows 7 desktop. 

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